Tool to Search Deleted Files from Computer

“Last week, when I was working with my Windows PC, I managed to delete few of my important files in my computer. I didn’t realized this costly miss at that time, I have emptied the Recycle Bin folder also without seeing the content inside the Recycle Bin folder. However, it didn’t took me long to realize the mistake I did, as soon as I noticed some of the files went missing, I began to search deleted files in my computer but didn’t succeed in finding it. Can anyone help me to recover deleted files from my computer, the desperate attempt to search deleted files in my computer is leading me nowhere. Appreciate your help in advance.”

Deletion of files from computer hard drive is so common, there is hardly anyone who have not gone through these kind of situation. Some way or the other, you will have to deal with deletion of files from computer someday. Most of the users will search deleted files in my computer all over the place and will actually think to give it up as they were not very much aware of the recovery procedures. To offer a helping hand to the users who are searching for deleted files in my computer, we decided to come up with this article. Here you will find out the simplest way to restore deleted files from computer. Let us have a look at the some of the causes for deletion of files from computer.

Scenarios that can cause deletion of files

  • Inadvertent deletion: Users while working with their system might decide to delete not useful files but in the process will make some wrong choices to delete the files using Shift + Delete key combination and this will make it bypass the Recycle Bin folder too. If the user have used delete option then he/she can search deleted files inside the Recycle Bin folder, if files are not in Recyle Bin then its proabably removed from there also.
  • Due to external threats: If the computer is infected with external threats like viruses or malwares then this might infect the files stored inside your computer. And the updated antivirus application installed on your computer might delete the files that are virus infected.
  • Interruption during file transfer: While transferring files from my computer to any other storage device, if it gets interrupted in the middle then the files will get deleted from my computer

Obviously users who have dealt with these kind of situations would clearly understand the necessity of having a reliable tool to recover deleted files from computer. If you search deleted files in my computer manually, it won’t give you fruitful results. You will have to search deleted data using professional tools like Undelete Files Windows. It is one of the highly rated application by experts that helps to search deleted files in my computer and to recover it..

Undelete Files Windows software is designed for the purpose of searching deleted files from computer on all versions of Windows PC. This file recovery software is compatible to work with hard drive that is formatted any of these file system such as NTFS, FAT, FAT32, NTFS5, etc. You can easily search deleted files from Windows Server, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, etc. with the help of Undelete Files Windows software.

Special qualities of Undelete Files Windows application

  • The simplicity maintained in the design of the software has proven that even users who are technically skilled can easily launch this software to find out the deleted files from computer.
  • You can save the recovery session into the destination you prefer, which can be reused to restart the recovery process whenever it is required, it will start from where you stopped the scanning process before.
  • It supports recovery of photos, documents, images, audio and video files of all formats that are deleted from your computer hard drive.
  • Apart from recovering computer hard drive, this application can also be employed to recover deleted files from memory card, external hard drive, USB pen drive and other storage devices on Windows PC.
  • Application is compatible to undelete files in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and other Windows versions. To know more about how to undelete data in Windows 10, go through this page.

Guide for searching deleted files from computer:

Step 1: At first, download and install the demo version of Undelete Files Windows software on your Windows PC. Launch the appplication and from the main window choose "Recover Files"  as illustrated in Figure A.

Figure A: Main Screen

Step2: Now, choose "Recover Deleted Files" option to restore deleted files on Windows 7 as illustrated in Figure B.

Figure B: Select Recover Deleted Files Option

Step3: The software displays the list of drives, select the drive from which deleted files are to be retrieved and tap on "Next" button to find out deleted files in computer as illustrated in Figure C.

Figure C: Choose Logical Drive

Step4: Once done with deleted file recovery process, you can view the recovered results using preview option as illustrated in Figure D. You can go for the complete software to save the recovered files.

Figure D: Preview Recovered Files